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At ALLSTAR Service & Accessories, we are dedicated to bringing our customers the best deal on quality tires in Duluth, MN and surrounding areas. There are so many options for tire and wheel buyers: various sizes, styles, designs and price points for cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Not sure on which tires or wheels are right for your vehicle? Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will assist you in making the perfect choice for your vehicles needs. ALLSTAR Service & Accessories has been offering name brand tires such as Michelin®, BFGoodrich®, Uniroyal® and Hankook and wheels by KMC, XD Series, Fuel, and more to the local Duluth, MN area since 2004.

Browse our online catalog or visit us in store and let us help you with your next tire or wheel purchase.


Advanti Racing Tires
Advanti Racing Wheel
Adventus Tires
Adventus Wheel
Akuza Tires
Akuza Wheel
American Eagle Tires
American Eagle Wheel
American Racing Tires
American Racing Wheel
ART Tires
ART Wheel
Asanti Black Tires
Asanti Black Wheel
ATX Series Tires
ATX Series Wheel
Ballistic Tires
Ballistic Wheel
Beyern Tires
Beyern Wheel
Black Rhino Tires
Black Rhino Wheel
BMF Tires
BMF Wheel
Boss Motorsports Tires
Boss Motorsports Wheel
Bravado Tires
Bravado Wheel
Carlisle Tires
Carlisle Wheel
Coventry Tires
Coventry Wheel
Cragar Tires
Cragar Wheel
Cray Tires
Cray Wheel
Cruiser Alloy Tires
Cruiser Alloy Wheel
Diablo Tires
Diablo Wheel
Dick Cepek Tires
Dick Cepek Wheel
Dip Tires
Dip Wheel
Divinity Tires
Divinity Wheel
Divinity Racing Tires
Divinity Racing Wheel
Drag Concepts Tires
Drag Concepts Wheel
Drifz Tires
Drifz Wheel
DUB Tires
DUB Wheel
Eagle Alloys Tires
Eagle Alloys Wheel
Focal Tires
Focal Wheel
Foose Tires
Foose Wheel
Fuel Tires
Fuel Wheel
Gear Alloy Tires
Gear Alloy Wheel
Genius Tires
Genius Wheel
Gianna Tires
Gianna Wheel
Helo Tires
Helo Wheel
ICW Racing Tires
ICW Racing Wheel
Incubus Tires
Incubus Wheel
Ion Alloy Tires
Ion Alloy Wheel
Ion Bilt Tires
Ion Bilt Wheel
Ion Forged Tires
Ion Forged Wheel
KMC Tires
KMC Wheel
Konig Tires
Konig Wheel
Lexani Tires
Lexani Wheel
Lorenzo Tires
Lorenzo Wheel
Lrg Tires
Lrg Wheel
Lumarai Tires
Lumarai Wheel
Mamba Tires
Mamba Wheel
Mandrus Tires
Mandrus Wheel
Maxxim Tires
Maxxim Wheel
Mayhem Tires
Mayhem Wheel
Mazzi Tires
Mazzi Wheel
Method Tires
Method Wheel
Mickey Thompson Tires
Mickey Thompson Wheel
Milanni Tires
Milanni Wheel
MKW Tires
MKW Wheel
Monster Edition Tires
Monster Edition Wheel
Motegi Racing Tires
Motegi Racing Wheel
Motiv Tires
Motiv Wheel
Moto Metal Tires
Moto Metal Wheel
MSR Tires
MSR Wheel
Niche Tires
Niche Wheel
Noir Tires
Noir Wheel
OE Creations Tires
OE Creations Wheel
OE Performance Tires
OE Performance Wheel
OEM Tires
OEM Wheel
Pacer Tires
Pacer Wheel
Platinum Tires
Platinum Wheel
Privat Tires
Privat Wheel
Pro Comp Tires
Pro Comp Wheel
RBP Tires
RBP Wheel
Redbourne Tires
Redbourne Wheel
REV Tires
REV Wheel
Ridler Tires
Ridler Wheel
Rockstar Tires
Rockstar Wheel
Rotiform Tires
Rotiform Wheel
Ruff Racing Tires
Ruff Racing Wheel
Sacchi Tires
Sacchi Wheel
SOTA Offroad Tires
SOTA Offroad Wheel
Status Tires
Status Wheel
Strada Tires
Strada Wheel
TIS Tires
TIS Wheel
Touren Tires
Touren Wheel
TSW Tires
TSW Wheel
Tuff A.T. Wheels Tires
Tuff A.T. Wheels Wheel
Tuner Tires
Tuner Wheel
U.S. Mags Tires
U.S. Mags Wheel
Ultra Tires
Ultra Wheel
Verde Tires
Verde Wheel
Victor Equipment Tires
Victor Equipment Wheel
Vision Tires
Vision Wheel
Worx Tires
Worx Wheel
XD ATV Tires
XD ATV Wheel
XD Racing Tires
XD Racing Wheel
XD Series Tires
XD Series Wheel